Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 I found my lovely sentimental songs~~

Though i'm asking myself to write this post in English, but i do feel like bringing it out in Chinese. (sound so serious huh about this post?LOL)

By now, i should be striving hard for the 2 killing papers, but somehow i'm blogging here.
By now, i should be sleeping very tight like a blue pig, but somehow i'm standing the tiredness.

issshhh..let's continue this post with i'm too lazy to delete what i've written also. zzzzz...just give me alot of "=.= face....

haha..suddenly i felt myself is writing nonsense the way, i'm writting this post to share my favorite songs.

I found her and i found it-王儷婷 Olivia Ong and her album. should be i found it and i found her because i know her by her songs first..don't even know how she looks like. Here is she, what a pretty Singaporean singer =)

Recently i fall in love with her songs..especially the song which is playing in my blog.."Sometimes when We Touch". I can be nonstop listening to this song...repeat and repeat..without getting bored with soul..i feel it...

Besides that, some songs like "Fly Me to the Moon", "True Color" and "Kiss Me" are recommended. Her voice is so nicely and softly. You will be very relax and feel comfortably when listening to her songs. So, just try to grab her album at any store. You will fall in love with her too. Yet, i didn't buy her album. But, i will buy it one day ^^

Hmn...i think i should continue my study. Should i? yes...for sure~ or may be i should go to bed it's quite late already..11.33pm...for me...keke...

Good night everyone~ ^^

Wait, to share with you guys, feel free to log on to this link =)

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 立恒,生日快乐!♥

转眼间就到你二十一岁生日咯 嘻嘻,你成年了~
生日快乐噢,Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

0 知足是幸福的起點--聖嚴法師

I've just read an article which i think i learn a lot from there. So..i copy paste the whole article from facebook as i wish to keep it forever =) and of course, to remind myself always..APPRECIATE!
真正的知足是「多也知足,少也知足,沒有也知足」,這是平安常樂 的基本條件。不過,「多也知足」還容易理解,「少也知足」和「沒有也知足」就很難體會了。一般人大概會覺得納悶:「東西都不夠用了,要怎麼知足呢?更何況當什麼都沒有時,講知足不是很奇怪嗎?」 其實,東西多不一定就能滿足,因為世界上沒有一樣東西是真正、絕對的多,所有的「多」都是透過相對、比較而來的。而且,即使真的擁有很多,既不可能永恆不變,也不可能永遠維持正面的成長。所以,當「有」的時候就應該知足,至於「少」或「沒有」也是一樣,因為「少」或「沒有」都可能是「有」的開始。
我常常向弟子們講一個比喻:「不知足的人就像生活在米缸裡的老鼠, 不知道自己的身邊都是可以吃的米,卻在米缸裡撒尿、拉屎,把米缸弄髒了,才又跳出去找東西吃。不但身在福中不知福,還糟蹋了自己的福報。」例如,雖然在禪堂裡有很好的環境供大家修行,還有老師指導修行方法,但是很多人仍然想著:「這個方法不好、這個修行場地很差、我的身體很不舒服……」,用這些藉口來拖延自己的修行,不就像是米缸裡的老鼠嗎? 因為缺乏感恩、知足的心,得到利益以後不但不會滿足,而且還會嫌棄別人把不要的東西送給他們,這就是身在福中不知福。此外,我們也要常常想到,自己的福報是從過去生中帶來的。所以,這一生要好好的惜福、培福,不要糟蹋了自己的福報。
所以,一個人如果不培福、惜福,卻老是在享福,福報就會愈來愈少, 幸福的日子總有結束的一天。一個懂得知足、惜福、培福的人,當遭逢逆境時不會抱怨,在一帆風順時則懂得感謝,無論何時何地都感到心滿意足,才是個真正幸福的人。

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

0 Time Flies~

Hey..don't you think time pass very fast? One and a half week later i will proceed to year 3 (hope and assume that i can proceed to year 3 smoothly..=.= as result not release yet).
Honestly, it's unbelievable that I'm gonna graduate and I can say that one of my foot has stepped into the working world!
arrhggg..not's really not semester break is really short..i feel it's not enough to refresh me back..I'm still blurring in "enjoying" my holiday...
I really don't know what happen to me..the brain like to think negatively often..about everything..zzz..can i change my brain har? just want to delete the negative thinking..
zzzz...frankly I'm not motivated to face the new semester yet..but I hardly hope that I'm fully motivated when the uni reopen..pls...give me the power..I need it so much
and..pls give me the power to calm me think carefully..what is my real "fire" hide inside me..
haha..because i learned from a hk drama..he said everyone owns 一把火, the fire which equal to his desire or dream..I think i know what is MY fire..=)
In fb, I always say that we should appreciate everything besides wish i could do it in the coming semester.'s quite shameful...1 sem 1 post...but I can tell u that I really don't have free time to write blog..or may be i was too lazy xD
btw, I hope everyone can proceed to year 3 smoothly..^v^ and throw 四方帽 together!!
p/s: not sure when I'll update my blog..depends on my mood^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010

0 Very Impatient!!

Is it my facebook attacked by virus?? anyone can help me?
i cannot leave comments, read others' comments n even post my status...isshhh...
it has last for almost 1 day...
sien larr.....

Friday, December 25, 2009

2 Merry Christmas!

2009 christmas for me is a very simple christmas
on christmas eve, i stayed at home..didn't hang out with friends..
on christmas, that is staying at home too..oh ya..i went to the doctor as look for... (hmn..i think i better keep it as secret..although it is not serious..haha)
okok..let's talk about my christmas eve dinner, i had a dinner with my parents at Lana after closing shop
here are the pictures of the turkey dish that was ordered by my lovely mommy

guess what? It's not so nice actually....i had high expectation for it but at last it ended up with a same sentence by everyone of us ---> "It's so hard and dry!"
the bread & the soup are nice, though. The soup is something like mushroom soup in pizza hut..and this dish costs RM15... i don't know whether it's worthy or not...would like to hear from u guys' answers =)
around 10pm before v got to leave, there were 2 adults n 1 kid in santa claus costume distributing presents to ppl who were having dinner..

from him, we got 2 christmas hat n 1 cup...that cup is the gift from Darlie toothpaste..LOL.....but, it is good to have than don't have right??
lastly, i'd like to share a comic with u guys..just for fun...hahax

Merry Christmas comments


Saturday, December 5, 2009

7 La la la la....

Final exam is coming...I've to study hard..since there are 12 chapters for ITM..
I hope i can finish it by next thur..hopefully
so..i won't update my blog for 1 month i think..
as after exam..I'll going to penang on 2oth of dec..kaka
hope everyone can score well in these 2 papers! **wink
Gambateh! Bahsya!!